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Apr. 25th, 2013


[Crossover] any pairings/gen: the Avengers as "ninja"

In between reading my current hobby (Avenger fanfic) and an older hobby (Naruto fanfic) I decided I'd crossover the two. It was fairly impossible until I realized if I dropped the Avengers in the Naruto world it might work. I now want to read it. Or talk about it. If you wish to fill the prompt feel free to hop over to the post here: http://avengerkink.livejournal.com/16019.html?thread=34388627#t34388627

The idea was that all Avengers except for Tony are Jounin for the same village -- which might even be Konoha! Clint is, of course, the assassination specialist with a side of spying expertise. Natasha, awesome woman that she is, specializes in assassination, spying and infiltration, although she could very well be a combat frontliner if she wanted to! Bruce is a genius medic-nin who underwent an experimental procedure (author's choice on what it was actually supposed to do) which turned him into the Hulk. Thor is the heir to an established noble clan of bloodline users. Much like the Hyuuga, only a lot more focused on the GLORY OF BATTLE! Loki may be there or not, as you please. Steve is the first-gen bloodline user from a civilian background who became amazing against all odds. His parents may have been ninja if the author wishes, but they never went higher than Genin in that case... Either way nobody was expecting poor little Steve to be much of anything, and then BAM S-rank -- take that! I don't think he had an equivalent of going down in the ice, but that may be just me.

As for Tony, he's a civilian noble. Who is also a blacksmith and a merchant, because he was SO BORED. So bored, in fact, that he became a seal master...

Tony's history, as I have dreamed it up, goes that his butler and often caretaker Jarvis had ninja background. And noticed little master Tony was a one-of-a-kind genius for very early on. However, even though -- or maybe because -- ninja tend to underestimate civilians quite badly, and Jarvis loved little Tony, instead of trying to get the kid to become a ninja, Jarvis decided that Tony might eventually become a valued intelligence officer but he'd never be strong enough to go on the good missions, and really, it's best for Tony himself if it the end he remains a civilian. So Jarvis teaches him the very basics -- and also that he shouldn't attract ninja attention.

Jarvis did make one serious mistake: he underestimated Tony enough to give him a few books on sealing, thinking it'd keep the kid busy for a while and then he'd give up. Not that Tony is perfect in this aspect. Just like ninja underestimate civilians, civilians overestimate ninja, and Tony grows up quite sure that no matter how good he gets at sealing ninja will always be better. Until he's captured and tortured by a bunch of missing-nin...

One change that I see is that Yinsen underestimates civilians like any other ninja and wouldn't try to get Tony to change the world. He'd still try to find something to keep Tony alive, but it'd be a humbler goal: having a family, maybe, or helping the poor.

He's as surprised as the next person when Tony not only makes up a seal that's an amazing source of chakra, but also seals his clothing so that it'll allow him to fight on his enemies' level. One interesting detail I decided on is that Tony is probably the only living person capable of using this version of the Iron Man, because he's the only one able to multitask on the level needed to operate all the necessary seals to make clothing dangerous.

I now want to know how do the Avengers meet -- and how come a bunch of ninja are so close to a civilian that they don't immediately imprison Tony when they find how dangerous he is. Any other ideas and details are welcome! Please tell me I'm no longer alone in imagining this.

Sep. 20th, 2012

stained glass

The Not Quite Plotbunny (or, ponderings on a common fanfic cliché)

The Not Quite Plotbunny (or, ponderings on a common fanfic cliché that’s very rarely written to the satisfaction of the author)

There’s this idea that has shown up often enough, both in the fandoms of Naruto and Harry Potter, that it has come to be considered a cliché.

The basic idea is something such as this: the Main Character’s parents survived the initial tragedy which should have killed them. However, the Main Character doesn’t get to live a happy, normal-ish life, because he has a sibling, often a twin, who’s thought to be privileged and special. The Main Character is therefore neglected, and/or (distressingly often) outright abused. (NOTE that I do not believe either of these sets of parents, who so readily sacrificed themselves for their children, to be capable of abusing any children of theirs, although I do read such stories. It seems a somewhat cheap way to demonize them and make the Main Character into a bitter, tragic and righteous figure.)

After a few years of neglect and/or abuse, the Main Character, disillusioned with this life and tired of holding out hope for his family’s affection or even recognition, decides he must become strong on his own. He trains secretly, and often runs away from home. (This is particularly difficult to believe in Naruto, since the Main Character would be madly hunted due to his family relations; and there are many ninja who specialize in hunting down their target, which no child, no matter how intelligent, would be able to evade.)

Because this idea most often seems to develop into a revenge-fic of sorts, the Main Character usually proceeds to become ludicrously powerful and snub his horrible family when they repent and beg for his return.

In the Naruto fandom these fics can get quite unbelievable. The twin, who is for some reason a twin sister rather than a brother, often happens to be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki – and is revered for it. The explanation being that Minato used his influence to make her recognized as a hero rather than a monster. I don’t find that much of a problem, although if the Sandaime had so much trouble doing the same it would be unlikely that Minato would be so much more incredibly successful. What I do find strange is that Naruto would be so badly ignored in favor of his sister. After all, it would be understandable that his parents would give more training, and therefore a bit more attention, to the one that has so much more chakra and is in more danger – but to the point of ignoring their other child?

I this case I find it unlikely the parents would favor the Jinchuuriki sister over the “normal” brother, even if they judged the sister to be the much stronger one. Both the children were supposedly “normal” at the beginning, and the prospective parents would have prepared themselves to love both after realizing they would be having more than one child. It wouldn’t have been easy to discard one of them, even after deciding one was so much stronger than the other, unless they had planned on discarding the weaker one from the beginning. (And in such a case they must be considered Out Of Character – jumping in front of a deadly attack is an instinctive action that a parent who didn’t particularly care for their baby wouldn’t take.)

There are other authors who take another route: to make it so that Naruto will still be scorned and/or even beaten, they say that Minato divided the Kyuubi into “mind” and “body” – the sister holds its body and so all of its chakra, while Naruto holds the mind.

In that case there are two arguments to take into account: first, that Kushina used to be the Jinchuuriki and wouldn’t hate her son for holding the mind of the Kyuubi any more than she hated herself for holding the entire demon; and second, that if there is the slightest possibility that Naruto’s mind would be influenced, his parents would certainly try to avoid this as much as possible by making sure he loves them and is taught the “correct” path while he’s still a child and has learned little dissimulation, and also, being ninja, they would get to know him as much as possible in order to detect any changes in his behavior that might indicate demonic influence.

Now, raising children is hard at the best of times, and I can even accept that Minato and Kushina might pay more attention to Naruto’s hypothetical sister, especially if they believe her to need more training. I have yet to see, however, a parent that ignores a sibling completely, in favor of the other. (Hiashi’s behavior notwithstanding.) Parents simply don’t act that way even when they have a favorite. Parents who have a favorite will still take care of the less favored sibling, who will certainly realize they’re not the best beloved, but won’t be completely left to their own devices. Even then, it’s very likely that one of the parents will realize the child is being ill treated and try to make up for it. Furthermore, when there are two parents, and more than one child, they are more likely to choose a child who is not so very favored by the other, than try and fight over the same child.

Bad parents are much more likely to ignore both children, or to play them against each other by ignoring one and being affectionate with the other, then vice-versa, in turns.

A case of favoring one child and completely ignoring the others might happen if the parent who is inclined to care for neither of them finds that one of the children has talent of interests like their own, which turns the child into an accessory, tool or miniature friend.

Another idea would be that one of the children is exceedingly tiring and the parents keep foisting it off on other people in order to get some rest. They still wouldn’t outright neglect the child, although the child would most likely notice the dislike – and since children tend to be attached to their parents, the child would then probably modify their behavior, in hopes of attaining more affection from said parents.

ETA: as Asuka reminded me, actually there are indeed abuse cases where the parents decide one child is perfect and the other is worthless! Rather like the Dursley family does with Harry, only with one of their own children. It's not actually uncommon.

But I forget my original point. Back to the fandom cliché, the Main Character, after being neglected (or abused – but I will now discard this possibility, or the particular outcome I’d like to see in fanfiction would then fail to work at all) by the parents, proceeds to close himself off from them, and even often, runs away from home.

The outcome I would so love to see written, and fail to find in whatever story I read, is the one where the parents notice they’ve been treating one of their children very unfairly, and try their best to make amends.

I can’t write this myself: I would hardly know where to start with the amend-making. Which is why I so wish to see a fic that describes it. And I have yet to find such a fic.

Jul. 17th, 2012


writing exercises

Done this while very VERY tired. Maybe Naruto speaking, not his voice at all. Please crit.

what if your life wasn't real?Collapse )

no life is perfect, but that one might have come closeCollapse )

the AUtemplate bunny

First of all: I have been tired and very busy. Sorry for not commenting in some of your posts yet, I'll do it soon. I need sleep first. But I've been working on this for a while, so.

I have had two “big” Naruto ideas knocking around in my head for a while right now. This is one of them.

Look, I love timetravel. I am mad about timetravel. I am also mad about alternative universes. And I have a thirteen year old inside of me that feels absolute glee at the thought of people suddenly being badass.

Also I had a dream.

The dream started with Generic Naruto Original Character: you know the one, right? The one who is obviously a Naruto ninja, but you don’t know them so they must be one of your characters. They sure weren’t in the manga.

They were selecting Hell Course. Which was the challenge where you steal something off your Hidden Village and go nukenin. And then you steal something from another Hidden Village until you’ve got them all after you. After that you’ve only gotta survive for a full year. Challenge complete!

It seemed like a fun concept. And then I started thinking in what circumstances would someone casually talk about Hell Course in conversation, and it was obviously something that would come up in a videogame, and… well. I never said my mind couldn’t be weird. This is the plotbunny that eventually came out of it.

First of all, the Kyuubi is good at genjutsu. Like, damn good at genjutsu. And there’s this genjutsu that’s his most difficult, and the one he’s proudest of. It’s his masterpiece.

It’s the one where he imitates a whole world.

More accurately, the genjustu uses the world as a template. Then it spins off in whatever direction Kyuubi wants it to. Kyuubi can make any alterations he chooses, except the genjutsu will keep working as though those alterations were part of the real world. Like, Kyuubi could get canon!Konoha and put Danzou as the Hokage. The genjutsu would find a reasonable explanation and then the world keeps on going.

He can only make alterations from the moment the genjutsu starts running, though. For example, he couldn’t make it so Danzou was Sandaime Hokage instead of Sarutobi.

Fortunately, if he wants a genjutsu like that, well, Danzou is bound to have been chosen as Sandaime in some other world, right? Somewhere… parallel.

The story, such as it is, starts when Naruto is about to get killed. Kyuubi interferes by initiating this genjutsu. Naruto gets killed about three dozen times before finally maneuvering so he survives, and then spends the rest of the day wondering WTF just happened, did he just hallucinate being killed over and over, why did it hurt like hell, WHAT IS GOING ON.

Note: yes, Naruto had to maneuver several times. Kyuubi wasn’t about to trust him with their lives; he kept Naruto in the genjutsu until Naruto could reliably get himself out of the situation. Also, yes, Kyuubi could have “stopped time” and explained everything at any time. He didn’t because he’s an asshole. Also at this point he resents Naruto like a terribly resentful thing.

I don’t really know how Naruto gets in the genjutsu again, right now I’m thinking he foolishly asks Kyuubi for it to help with his training and Kyuubi uses it as a loophole to trap him into a neverending genjutsu. Naruto falls into a coma while his mind goes on overdrive.

At one point Naruto realizes that a genjutsu can mess things around, so he pretty much begs to have a Konoha that doesn’t hate him. And, you see, Kyuubi could just rewrite nearly everybody so they don’t hate Naruto anymore, but that would just be waaaaaaaaaay too much work.

…and so Naruto wakes up as Namikaze Naruto the Honored Son of the (alive) Great Yondaime Hokage.

He’s shit at acting at this point. And even if he weren’t, he has NO idea of how to act around a family.

After maybe being dragged into T&I by ANBU (and maybe restarting the genjutsu? Or would he confess everything in T&I and be taken halfway seriously?), well he tells Minato all he knows. Minato orders a complete checkup on his son, and meanwhile locks himself in his study/lab/place-where-he-can-do-crazy-shit-in-peace. He comes out days later with a very odd look on his face, goes straight to Naruto, hugs him very tight, and absently says, “I never thought it would be possible to prove to myself I don’t exist.”

Then they have a huge fight because Minato wants to throw everything away and teach Naruto everything he knows and then force anybody competent he can get his hands on to teach Naruto too, and Naruto believes that imaginary or not Konoha still has to come first.

….Anyway Naruto learns like whoa and proceeds to live a fulfilling, happy life. It does have its tragedies and failures but this is the happiest he’s ever been. Then someone he desperately loves dies (Kushina? Minato? Girlfriend? Somebody) and he remembers that this is all a genjutsu! He calls on Kyuubi to undo the death.

Kyuubi starts the genjustu over. With an entirely different template.

He says that it’s simply too much of a pain to use the same template twice unless it’s the template from his original world, with which he has a connection. And in any case even if he used another Namikaze-Naruto-with-family template Naruto would never get all those years and experiences back. And more importantly he’s the one calling the shots here, and he doesn’t feel like staring at Namikaze-fucking-Minato’s face again for a loooooooooong time, so to hell with your daddy issues.

After that (and even before that) there are limitless possibilities. Kyuubi could throw Naruto anywhere.

Jul. 6th, 2012

stained glass

travelling + randomness

Apparently I'm gonna travel tomorrow! To that little country city of my grandmother's where it's not that easy to get internet. Oh dear.

I'll try to be online anyway, but if I'm not, well. Let's see if I get started on those books I've been buying.


In other news, I want Naruto alongside dragons. No idea whatsoever how would that even work, but I want it.

I do have a few half baked ideas but I don't know what to do with them aside from having figured out how Naruto might use dragons in battle.

May. 15th, 2012


really needed to put this out somewhere.

I am going to bad mental (spiritual?) places.

cut so you don't have to readCollapse )

...I can't think of anything else to write here. I'll go and write about something else.

May. 6th, 2012


*blush* I may have gotten a little... distracted with Pottermore

Um. You guys know how I've been ridiculously busy and tired all the time? It's gotten to a point where I don't even go out during the weekend anymore, I just crash and read and study and sleep a lot.

Then I started reading about the Pottermore site.

Well, for all my lack of creativity, I have something of a weakness for creating characters. That explains why I get all cheerful about customizing characters for RPGs and other games where your character is not fixed. I mean, I really like ready-made characters too -- they're often much more interesting than anything you can do with a customizable character -- but sometimes I just feel like creating someone, flimsy as the creation may be.

As for Pottermore, it's a fairly well-made site, meant for everybody from children to Potter-crazy adults. It's also mainly meant to be a sort of a tour to the books, not really a game for the inscribed (yet, anyway). The most interesting part of the site (in my opinion) are the tidbits and comments Rowling has released that never made it into the books -- my favorites of these so far are the wandlore (although that one has heavy doses of being made for fans, as every single wood is interesting and sounds "special") and the history of McGonagall.

do these count as spoilers?Collapse )

Being Sorted into a House was another of my favorite parts. The questions are fairly interesting and beautifully illustrated.

my own experiencesCollapse )

But that's not why I'm writing. You see, I ended up making up characters and writing about them. Not their adventures in Hogwarts, exactly, nor their signing up for Pottermore, but something in between. They wouldn't get out of my head, so I decided I might as well use them for writing exercises. I know they must not be that fun to read about, but I would be very grateful if you'd take a look and offer some criticism, if only so I know I don't suck.

All that aside... anyone willing to chat with me about Pottermore? Why did you choose your nickname, what's your wand and House?

Apr. 24th, 2012


more personal tragedies, augh

I'm much more upset than I thought I'd be.

Well. First of all, I have been busy like a very, very, really very busy person.

I've got far too much school and far too many projects and far, far too many texts I'm supposed to read which I imagine I may have found quite interesting under other circumstances, but as it is, well they're quite a pain.

I have started missing classes simply because I'm too tired to attend them.

So, yeah.

Yesterday I had a rare and treasured free period!

And I would have slept through it, only I couldn't find a vacant classroom I could take a nap in. So I decided to go to a nearby shopping center instead and see if I found something interesting to look at.

I found this notebook -- no, actually I fell in love with this notebook. It was quite expensive, especially for a notebook, but I kept coming up with excuses to buy it. I must have stood around for half an hour just debating with myself whether to buy it or not, and I actually managed to walk out of the store a couple of times, only to come back and have another look.

In the end I decided that hey, you can never have too much spare paper.

And that was when I found out that I couldn't buy The Notebook after all, because my wallet had been stolen.

It happens all the time in the big city. I'm lucky I wasn't held at knifepoint or at gunpoint. I had my iPad with me, they could have stolen that. I'm lucky I wasn't kidnapped or raped or killed.

I want my wallet back. It was small and really cute, and it was a gift from one of the few people who somehow managed to stand me while I was in a very bad phase of my life. I didn't pay her much attention and took her for granted at the time, and I've since lost contact with her despite her best efforts. But I always remembered her when I looked at that wallet.

Also, I had plans for that money. Very Serious Plans.

Those Plans involved exchanging that money for a few very expensive but equally interesting looking books.

...I keep searching through my bag and expecting my wallet to somehow magically reappear.

Jan. 21st, 2012


some Real Life minor tragedies

If any of you have noticed I haven't been online, I apologize. You see, my parents rather suddenly announced we were going to visit Grandma, who lives in a no-longer-so-small country town and who, of course, has no Internet connection. I have two aunts who have houses here and who do have a connection, but neither of them is currently here, and stealing a connection around this place is even harder than in the big city: there, it's all password locked. Here there are no connections to be had.

Anyway, the first minor (minor! It's not so minor to me!) tragedy is that, while turning off my computer, I must have done something really wrong, because when I turned it on again it claimed it needed to repair itself and it might in fact be better to returning to a previously saved state. Since I haven't used the save point thingy ever since I got this computer, which was about two years ago, I'd lose a bucketload of stuff, so I declined. (Please don't judge me. I am pretty much technologically inept. Creating save points was something I did try to learn, but my computer didn't like the CDs and I couldn't get my hands on an external hard drive.) Anyway, the computer tried to fix itself two more times, and are you sure you don't wanna use that save point?, before just giving up and telling me I'm gonna have to deal with any problems myself. So now I'm walking on eggshells and wondering what's wrong in there and when are the problems going to show themselves.

My poor, poor computer. ;__;

Second personal tragedy is small-town related. My Grandmother lives right in front of the town square. The town square consists of a church and a small plaza. This plaza had been pretty much abandoned for years -- heck, the entire town had been pretty much abandoned for years as far as this sort of thing goes; the mayors limited themselves to organizing the festivals and in my personal opinion that was just fine.

The plaza was full of trees and had cracked pavement for walkways and it was gorgeous. It always gave me the impression that it was much bigger than it actually was. The grass was overgrown, some of the trees were enormous and it had little food trailers here and there and tame street dogs always around. When it got late more than a hundred small birds took flight away from the greatest trees.

I know now that the plaza seemed to be bigger than it is, because my small country town is growing due to tourism, and the most recent mayor decided to invest. He's been making "renovations" and one of things he thought needed renovating was the town square. He changed the old cracked concrete for some colored stones forming ugly shapes, put a lot more stone where there used to be trees and grass and took down most of the trees, leaving only a few of the younger ones.

I never actually paid that much attention to the old plaza. It was always just there.

I'm going to miss it.

The most off-putting thing, though? The goddamn mayor went and gave permission to sell cars in the middle of the plaza!

Dec. 24th, 2011


yay giftfics~ ♥

To my great happiness and pride, sometimes one of my bunnies goes and bites somebody else. I decided it would only be right to rec them!

A bunny of mine about Kyuubi led wingwyrm to create Uzumaki Hisa.

Talking about the samurai 'verse got ofphenwa to write Namikaze Asami's introduction.

And askerian asked for prompts in a meme, leading to the creation of a pirate 'verse.

These are all really awesome writers, and what they write is always worth reading.

I do hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Dec. 13th, 2011

stained glass

new plotbunny! ...help?

You ought to know by now that I am crazy in love with time-travelling and dimension-hopping.

This new hare-brained scheme of mine was born while I was trying to imagine a plot wherein Naruto becomes some sort of ninja commander for a small group of high-ranked fighters, and then hunts Madara down. Before I really knew what was happening, Madara had hopped dimensions and Naruto followed him... into a world where samurai are the dominant class and chakra doesn't work nearly as well.

The initial image was ninja!Naruto meets samurai!Minato, but honestly it works just as well with nearly anybody else.

Of course, if I want this bunny to be even halfway serious, I can easily cut out the dimension hopping bit. That leaves a ninja!Naruto meeting a samurai!Somebody. I'd have to fudge the perception of Naruto's character some -- making him someone who knows how to hide in plain sight, maybe even someone who understands subtlety. ([gasp!])

askerian and I talked a little bit and came up with the scenario where Naruto and Mr. Mysterious Samurai would repeatedly meet while Naruto is in several different disguises. And Naruto would bait and tease whoever it is, because samurai are sooo dull-witted when they aren't paying attention and so high and mighty that they never pay attention to the low-born, only... Mr. Mysterious Samurai does connect the dots, and then Naruto finds himself in a somewhat sticky situation. [grin] It seemed like the sort of thing that'd happen.

she who flies: I was trying to look for fic where there are some more ninjaish ninja
she who flies: Many a skirmish or volatile situation was averted or nipped in a bud simply because the right kunoichi was in the right bed to hear what needed to be heard or work her softer charms on the right man in a position of power. Hell, the current Forest Country daimyo was a prime example, even though not many even suspected.
Though the man turned the tables on said kunoichi and simply married her without batting an eye. If it was to keep the whole affair quiet out of shame that a minor shinobi Clan successfully pulled such a stunt, or simply because he reached some agreement, no one really knew. Though the fact the marriage held for twenty years meant that whatever it was, it held fast.
(The Art of the Deal, by Case 13)
Asuka Kureru: X333
she who flies: nnngh. the inevitable part where the man's wife was lying to him and is actually trained to seduce and kill -- the uncertainity! the distress!
Asuka Kureru: XDD <3
she who flies: .... I can't imagine fem!Naruto as an elegant noblewoman but for some reason that doesn't stop me from making up ridiculously cheesy blurbs wherein something somewhat similar happens.
Asuka Kureru: XD
Asuka Kureru: maybe she seduces the stern noble precisely because she's all wild and stuff
she who flies: exactly!
she who flies: and she doesn't have to play a noblewoman
she who flies: she could be a maid or a commoner
Asuka Kureru: yeah
she who flies: and if the nobleman has half a brain he'll notice she's been lying to him the first time they have sex.
she who flies: muscles! calluses! possibly scars too!

I want a fic where this sort of thing happens. Want it like burning.

If this sparked any sort of ideas at all, I'd be delighted to hear them! (You may also read this as "gimme more daydream material, please.")

Dec. 1st, 2011

to do

trying out a new game.

So I got a new game! It's pretty interesting how in some ways it's very different from Dragon Age, which by the way I never did finish. Moslty because it got deleted while I was trying to clean some space in my computer and I was upset enough that I never did reinstall it. I should, but... All my progress, lost!

But, my new game. Let me try and tell you a little.

I have a sometimes somewhat difficult personality, and it shows itself in weird ways when I'm playing these multiple choice games. Most notably, I study a lot, even though I'm by no means what you'd call a "hardcore gamer". I find a lot of walkthroughs, and take a look at all the possible and available paths, and I try and go for the most favorable one. I'm a bit obsessive, and just a little perfectionist.

It's not that easy to do in the Elder Scrolls series. Which might explain why I keep getting lost.

The Elder Scrolls are somewhat famous for being a game series where you can do pretty much whatever you want. It started getting famous with the Morrowind game, third installment in the series. Morrowind has a very clever beginning: you start out waking up in a prison ship, and then get to tell the census of the destination Island about yourself, thus choosing your race, attributes and so on. You then recieve a vague order to "deliver this package to someone," and are let loose in the world. Where you can do pretty much anything you feel like doing. You can choose to deliver the package, thus continuing the Main Quest. To deliver said package, you need to get to another town. So you can take a boat. You can take a horse. You can walk if you feel like it, although that will take a damn long time and you'll probably get killed on the way.

You might not feel like delivering the package, and that's okay too. There's plenty to do besides saving the world. You can choose to never complete the Main Quest -- the world doesn't end that quickly, after all -- as you can choose to complete the Main Quest first of all and then just keep exploring. The game doesn't end when the Main Quest does. In fact, it doesn't end at all.

Skyrim is quite a bit more sophisticated. It uses a system where some occurrences affect the entire game: for example, the Main Quest has to do with dragons. Before reaching a certain point in the Main Quest, you won't find any dragons in the wilderness. After reaching that certain point in the Main Quest, there'll be dragons randomly flying around. There's also this civil war going on, and I'm told that at certain points one side or the other will take over its enemy towns.

So you might understand why I'm metaphorically lost. It doesn't help that I have no idea what might be a quest and what might not be -- I mean, I find a dungeon, would someone pay me for finding and completing this dungeon or was it just something I had to spontaneously go looking for?

The game starts with the player having to escape a town that's being attacked, but once you escape you're adrift. I mean, you're told to go to the next town and meet someone there, but so far I haven't managed to keep myself on the path.

Once I went off the path and found an encampment... Then nightfall arrived and I was attacked by the bandits that apparently used it. Then I found an isolated house full of stuff -- weapons and food and potions oh my! -- where I was attacked by another bandit... That house is actually the entrance to a bandit hideout.

Another time I got distracted trying to hunt down a stag. When I realised it, I'd found the entrance to a cave where I was attacked by -- no, not bandits, it was skeletons this time. Was that my first dungeon? I dunno, it was only three rooms and a single necromancer. But there were several skeletons, and some really creepy wind sounds.

So I leave the cave-maybe-dungeon, and find a path, and out of nowhere come out these elves marching a human prisoner. And I'm, like, "whu?" and then, "ooohh, maybe this is a Quest!" so I go and try and talk to the elves, but they're all, "you lowly human, we ain't talking to you," so I go and try the prisoner and up come the options "free him", "don't free him", and "free him and give him some weapons"! Which of course was what I did, 'cause then maybe he'd tell me what the heck was going on. Unfortunately the elves didn't like that and attacked me and, you know, Skyrim is the kind of game that requires strategy to win fights. Since I tend to flail around like a fish on land, I got killed. So I'm still wondering what was going on with that. [pout]
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Oct. 2nd, 2011



guess what this is!Collapse )

Sep. 10th, 2011


Naruto!fic: wherein timetravelling thirty-something female super!Naruto meets undead!Minato.

Yeah. So, once upon a time, I, for some reason, tried to write Naruto fanfiction.

To be perfectly honest, I'm actually rather proud of this piece. It's AU as they come and makes no sense whatsoever without a lot of background, but it is the one time I believe I managed to emulate a Naruto-ish voice.

This fic is a bit of a reaction-fic. It started with the idea that Naruto would be a timetraveller, and a bit of a Mary-Sue -- within reason. So Naruto had to be an adult, and obviously if he's lived this long he's going to be awesome, so this is, let's say, a thirty-ish something super!Naruto.

Naruto became a girl (this time) quite simply because if Naruto is going to be an awesome thirty-ish super!ninja I imagine he'd have two point five children... But I couldn't decide which girl would have had his kids, and I didn't want a harem. I did, however, easily choose which guys would have fathered her kids. (Said kids are named Arashi and Shippuu, because Naruto named them and she's the kind of person to use such cheesy names. Also I kind of liked them. XD) Thus the gender swap.

The current scene is "not long after Naruto ends up in the past," using the idea that Naruto wouldn't immediately merge with her younger self but wander around a bit in her awesome older body. She's met Jiraiya and kind-of-maybe explained the situation to him. Then they meet Orochimaru, who uses the Impure World Resurrection Jutsu. Because I love Minato.

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Aug. 5th, 2011


Alice in Wonderland: quotes

A while ago I reread Alice in Wonderland. It was fun. It's really a very interesting read although -- and some people might call me a blasphemer for this -- I actually prefer Through the Looking Glass. Anyway, I ended up marking down my favorite quotes and decided I might as well share. One day I might use one of them as inspiration for writing. Hopefully. Maybe. Well -- here they are.

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Jul. 23rd, 2011

stained glass

Kyuubi bunny #2

 Kyuubi bunny #2 came about after reading yet another "nice"!Kyuubi fic. Y'know, there's a lot of fanfic where Kyuubi is Naruto's ally. It's not unusual for Kyuubi to be depicted as a female, who can use a human form, and who may become a romantic interest for Naruto. She may not always be actually nice, but she's certainly not evil. She has a "good reason" for having attacked Konoha (before Kishimoto retconned Kyuubi's attack into a ploy of Madara's, it was often Orochimaru's fault somehow). That eventually led me to wishing I'd see an interpretation of this I've never seen before.

My idea goes like this: what if Kyuubi wasn't pure evil? And what if it didn't really hate Kushina for being its prison? We know from Bee and the Hachibi that a Bijuu and its Jinchuuriki can have a cordial relationship, and, a bit more importantly, we know from Gaara that the Bijuu can perceive a bit of the outside world through its Jinchuuriki. So what if Kyuubi went through life with Kushina, kind of watching from behind her eyes?
I'm not saying that it should have been Kushina's best friend. It would be kind of hard not to resent being imprisoned. But. When you read a book or watch a movie, you usually get invested in the main characters, don't you? So, what if the Kyuubi got just a bit attached to Kushina, and through her, to Minato, and then Naruto?

I don't know how exactly to write such a relationship, but I've got this image in my head of Kyuubi taking a (female, redheaded) human form and teaching baby!Naruto to speak and read and write, because Kushina was so looking forward to doing those things and now she can't anymore and it looks as though no one else will. And also this other image of Naruto confronting Kyuubi for the first time and at one point going "you killed all those people! You killed the Yondaime!" and Kyuubi exploding that she'd never have willingly killed Minato.

late, late, late, late, oh dear!

I swear I didn't mean to be gone for so long. But one thing happened after the other, and, well, I didn't have all that much access to the Web -- and when I did, I was mostly very busy downloading everything I could find to read later.

So. I've been reading like a mad person. Which reminds me, I have so many reviews to write it's not even funny. The thing is, it's such a daunting task that I keep putting it off whenever I do feel well enough that I think I'll be able to write.

So I've not written anything at all this past month. Or the month before that. Even though I do have stuff I wanted to talk about, not to mention all those wonderful fics that definitely deserve to be reviewed.

I'll try to catch up on the things I've missed, but, well. If there was something you'd like me to see and you think I didn't, please call my attention.
And now I'll try to write a bit. No promises, though -- if I start reading again I might fall into another black hole. My excuse is that this has been preferable to being at home: there's been so much shouting, yelling and crying around here I keep wondering if I haven't accidentally stepped into a Mexican soap opera.

Jun. 4th, 2011

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Kyuubi bunny #1

I've had some weird ideas lately. This is one of them.

I was wondering about Naruto and the Kyuubi issue. Because. Some people honestly think that Naruto is the Kyuubi, right? And... How could he prove that he isn't, really? The only way he could really prove to certain people that he isn't the Kyuubi would be to become powerful enough to destroy the village... And then not do it. (Which, when you think about it, is pretty much what happened in the end of Pain's arc.) And even then, there might be people who wouldn't accept him.

So I was thinking, what happens then? What happens if a friend of Naruto's is confronted with the idea that he is unquestionably the Kyuubi, and denying this wouldn't work?

And for some strange reason I got this image of Shikamaru, making a speech about how it wouldn't matter anymore if Naruto were, indeed, the Kyuubi, because, having proved that he is both powerful and reliable and that he wants the best for everybody, then he's the best person to lead Konoha and should be followed despite what he's done in the past.

...In other news, I'm busybusybusy.

Apr. 17th, 2011

stained glass

Naruto's self-introduction

 ...You know, I always found Naruto's introduction suspiciously interesting. "Likes: ramen, dislikes: the time ramen takes to cook, hobbies: pranks..." Even though we know by now that he likes Iruka and Sandaime, and dislikes being ignored. Heck, he doesn't even list Sakura as one of his likes!

...There's no need to tell me I'm looking too much into it, I tend to do that sometimes. Please humor me?

Mar. 3rd, 2011


some observations made while reading (bad)fic

 So I'm a bit of a masochist. I read fic -- a lot of fic -- and quite a bit of it is badfic. I don't know why, and I hate it, but I can't seem to stop. It's like watching a car crash. I'm horrified but can't help it. I have to know what happens next. ;__;

But I have noticed some stuff that, I dunno, kinda bugs me. A lot. Even more than the badness of the fic. Here is some of it.

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Well, in the end, this is all a bit bag of WTF.

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